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About Us

Simple. Elegant. Trendy. Everything that the modern millennial is and strives to be. We aim to provide our young clientele (that’s YOU) with high quality, locally sourced fabrics and fashion curated to your day-to-day style requirements. And the best part: It’s pocket-friendly, because we eliminate the troubles of middle-men and bring you our products directly from the source to your door, one stop at a time.

Our Inspiration

Concerned with the skyrocketing price-tags in brand retail, we looked to why something so obviously inexpensive is sold with extra zeroes. The answer, as we soon found out, lay in the long line of changing hands between the small-town source and the big-city brand. More hands meant more money spent by the brand, less money given to the original craftsman, and bigger price tags for the customer.

We decided to solve this problem by going as close to the source as possible, effectively minimizing the number of middle-men between us and the starting point.

The result

High quality fashion at a significantly reduced price, and more power to the local craftsman.

The Journey

Our road to thrifty fashion stardom begins with 100% organic Khaddar sourced from its very heart: the streets of Kamalia.
But the journey doesn’t end here. Our goal is to broaden our range of offerings to include everyone into our fashion sphere. With time, we will continue adding more stops as our fashion savants grow.

                                                                                                                         So Stay Tuned and Stay Chic!

Stop 1: Khaddar that refreshes in the scorching summer heat and keeps you cozy during chilly winter nights. For style-savvy men only.
Stop 2: Coming Soon
Stop 3: Coming Soon